Dailies Week 1

Trying my hand at getting back into animating something daily, even if it’s just a little bittle.



The Animatic for Astronut, a short story I illustrated and published. Originally intended to be an animation, I felt the story was more suited to a book in the end, but the animatic played a large part in helping me visualize my ideas.

Caged – Animatic

An animatic timed to music I created as a study of color theory and light and shadow’s influence on the tone of a scene.

Audio: Instrumental Version of Street Spirit by Radiohead

Copernicus Test Animation

This is a test scene I received from Copernicus Studios and completed by animating the rig. All assets are property of Copernicus Studios, the animation by myself. I had a lot of fun animating this rig, even if I didn’t get the job. 🙂