2D Animation Reel

This is my most recent reel. All animations were created with Toon Boom Harmony; storyboards and animatics created in Photoshop and edited in Storyboard Pro. I had a great time combing through all my most recent finished works to pick out the clips I liked the best to compile into this reel, I hope you enjoy it!

3D Composite Image

This is the final result of my 3D composited image.


I sculpted the head and dog in Sculptris before bringing them into Zbrush to add UV maps and retopologise, and finally taking them into Mudbox for coloring. I then imported them into Maya and used Vray lights and materials to create the surrounding space and render the final image.

3D Composite Work in Progress


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I am working on creating a 3D model to composite into a photograph. I created this bust and dog in Sculptris, taking them into Zbrush to do basic retopology and UVs since they won’t need to be animated, then bringing them into Mudbox for coloring. I will bring them into Maya to light and stage for the composite using v-ray.


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